A laminated plaque from The PlaqueSmith is the ideal way to preserve and showcase anything paper. Our unique process provides the benefit of protecting the paper from yellowing due to oxidization. The document is permanently sealed from air and moisture, and will not yellow or deteriorate. Not only is the document preserved, its appearance is enhanced. The clear surface encasing the paper serves to make graphics, pictures and colors “pop” and come alive. Your keepsake item will never have looked so good!

What can be “plaque’d”? Why, just about anything paper! The PlaqueSmith has turned all of the following into gorgeous, treasured wall hangings:

  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Awards
  • “Best Of” awards and articles
  • Athletic awards, including All American certificates
  • Patent awards
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Photos
  • Invitations
  • Advertising proofs and copy
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Tickets
  • Memorabilia
  • Team pictures
  • Special envelopes & first day covers
  • Maps & charts
  • Mission Statements and workplace notices
  • Showroom display material
  • Customer Appreciation documents
  • Dealer & Distributor certificates
  • Color Laser or inkjet printer output
  • And More….

Your important documents will take advantage of a unique production process we’ve used for over 20 years. There are several benefits that we offer our customers, and that set The Plaque Smith apart:

  • Real Hardwood surfaces available, not just simulated wood
  • Many color choices – a total of 24
  • Raised seals stay legible, not flattened
  • Superb artwork quality
  • Fast turnaround time – most orders ship within 7 business days

Most often the documents are shipped to us, so that the original document can be preserved. If preferred, a color copy of the document can be used for the plaque. Another alternative is to provide the document via e-mail, preferably in a PDF file, and we can print it for mounting on the plaque.

We can prepare a wide variety of documents for preservation on a plaque. Magazine and newspaper articles often require some cropping and re-assembling to be formatted for a plaque, and our artwork department is second-to-none. We can design the layout, or follow your design.

The paper used to print newspapers typically yellows or oxidizes over time. The lamination process provides sealing the document from oxygen, assures that the document will have the longest life possible.

Artwork or documents are visually set off by a surrounding foil trim picked from a choice of 7 colors. Often a document receives an optional second trim color as a “double mat”. This really maximizes the visual impact of the item being plaque’d.

Plaque boards are custom cut to the best size for any document. That means that odd shaped or sized items will be mounted on proportionally pleasing plaques – you are not limited to “standard sizes.”

Different documents are best complemented by different plaque colors and finishes. Check out the wide range of choices at Color and Finish Choices. For those who appreciate the beauty of real wood (not simulated) we hand stain a hardwood board in your choice of 12 different finishes. Should the document be best suited for a solid background, our Custom Plaque product offers 12 colors.

Once the document has been prepped, it is carefully bonded to the selected plaque board. It is then permanently and completely sealed with a thick laminate layer, preventing the entry of oxygen or moisture. The surface of the plaque can either be a High Gloss or a Satin Non- Glare finish. The High Gloss finish provides maximum visual impact, making graphics “pop” and colors come alive. The Satin Non-Glare finish has been specially chosen to not reflect light without muting graphics, unlike many non-glare surfaces.

The special process used by The Plaque Smith preserves the raised seals and embossed print found on many diplomas and official documents. Their legibility and appearance is preserved rather than being pressed flat.

Our process does not use any liquids, varnishes, fluids, solvents, resins or any other solution that might compromise a fragile document. That is why we can successfully preserve virtually anything paper.

Edges of the plaque board are shaped in a simple and elegant bevel, finished in a choice of 6 different foil colors.

Once a plaque is completed, it is carefully cleaned and polished, and is ready to be proudly displayed for many years.

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